Message of the Day

Welcome to the server! Enjoy your stay!
Servers automatically restart when there is a Steam, TF2, or Linux update.


  1. No bigotry, such as homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, ableism, etc.
  2. No pornographic, gory, offensive, or otherwise disturbing sprays/Conscientious Objectors.
  3. Don't abuse cheats or use unfair scripts (auto-bhop for example).
  4. Don't ask for Admin or VIP.
  5. Don't target specific players to annoy them.
  6. Friendlies are allowed, but so is killing them. Friendlies can also fight back if they care to. Basically, kill who you want but don't get mad if they retaliate.

Breaking any of these rules will result in a kick/ban as admins see fit.

Steam Group

You can join our official Steam group here.


Donations are not at all necessary, but are much appreciated. You can donate here.
NOTE: Donators do not get any special perks or chat roles, to prevent people from feeling left out.